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A critical part of the development process is to understand and define where your teams are investing their time. To do so Athenian allows you to define investment categories so that later on you can see a report of the investment made. You can see the overall investment in the Allocation page.

To configure the categories shown in the dashboard you need to:

  1. Under your settings go to allocation;

  2. Create a new investment Work Type

  3. Configure your Work Type based on Jira and GitHub, so that it best represents your teams' work. Notice that when you add multiple rules to a Work Type the rules represent And statements.

Finally and as a rule of thumb, you should aim to do high-level categories, so that you can understand the overall investment you are doing. You should also validate your investment in a continuous way, a good way to do so is to align investment decisions with quarter-planning cycles. By doing so you'll be able to take proper investment decisions or support the teams doing so, maximizing the chances of having a successful continuous improvement process.

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