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How to Bring Athenian to Your Teams
How to Bring Athenian to Your Teams

Help your organization successfully onboard Athenian by following these steps.

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When you bring a tool like Athenian to an engineering organization you need to successfully enable and onboard the whole organization.

By onboarding multiple engineering organizations we've noticed some common patterns that we want to share, in the form of a Do's and Don'ts list:

✓ Do

🛑 Don't

Make sure it's clear to the organization why you need Athenian

Keep Athenian only for managers

Onboard one team at the time

Share Athenian with the team and let it go

Train managers to effectively communicate goals

Expect the team to understand why metrics matter

State that you don't want to introduce a performance tool

Use Athenian to blame individuals

Define clear objectives at the top (that then cascade down into teams)

Ask the teams to define ad hoc objectives

Bring PMs into the conversation as they need to co-own decisions

Keep PMs unaware of the investment needed to continuously improve

Becoming a data-empowered engineering organization requires investment and our Engineering Success organization will be here to support your teams, however, you need to ensure that:

  1. You are transparent with the team and you explain what your goal is;

  2. Progressively rollout Athenian through the organization;

  3. Define clear goals and consistently track them;

If you need support rolling out Athenian and a continuous improvement mindset to your organization reach out to us, we are here to partner with you.

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