Why is Data relevant?

Understand why and how you should use data to support your engineering organization.

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In the rush of the day, we miss many improvement opportunities due to the lack of signals, as we depend on leadership's qualitative visibility.

Data is there to support decision-making or help organizations identify how some decisions impact the team's effectiveness. As leaders, we are responsible for ensuring teams are delivering Product and that they are continuously improving.

There's a natural pressure within product organizations to deliver Product. However, no one is focused on the engineering processes' efficiency. As an engineering leader in a fast-growing organization, you need to create healthy pressure that helps the team create and maintain healthy habits.

📢 Improving your organization needs to be as intentional as building your product.

This continuous feedback loop is extremely important to ensure you are fostering an environment of autonomous improvement and adaptability.

Remember that organizations follow Darwin's laws, the ones that adapt the best are the ones that survive the longest.

Depending on your responsibility within the organization, there are different actions you need to take:

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