Athenian Setup Checklist

Everything you need to know to fully configure and take advantage of Athenian

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Welcome to Athenian! These are your initial steps to create and bootstrap your account:

  • Connect to GitHub: When you first sign in for the first time to Athenian you'll need to connect our Athenian Owl;

  • Connect to Jira: Athenian uses a combination of GitHub and Jira to give you insights of your processes and workflows, for example you can see how much effort your are spending on bugs versus features;

The following list will help you to make sure you tick all requirements to take the most out of Athenian:

  • Configure your teams: when you bootstrap your Athenian account we bootstrap your teams base on the GitHub team structure. After this step you need to manually or programmatically change your teams to better reflect your organizational changes;

  • Configure your releases: Release Cycle Time is the elapsed time between a PR being merged and actually being released. To ensure this measurement is correct you need to define how you are tracking releases on GitHub;

  • Configure your deployments: Athenian offers out-of-the-box visibility of the entire CI pipeline. In order for you to get metrics like Deployment Frequency to Staging, or Lead Time to Production you need to notify Athenian whenever you are deploying to an environment;

  • Configure your investment allocation: a big part of improvement is to understand where we are spending our effort, and to understand if we are being effective.

Now that you have setup your Athenian account you are ready to start to get the most out of the tool, but doing this without an effective improvement process will take you nowhere. If you need help on how to move forward let us know. We are here to support you in this journey to continuously improve your engineering efficiency.

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